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Quote for the Day

"Farmers are among the most trusting people. They take perfectly good seeds that could be eaten and stick them in the ground, not knowing whether there will be rain or drought or food or not.  They put forth their hard work without knowing the outcome."
Considerations for Selecting Paper

1. Lots of high color images and minimal text?
Gloss Coated Paper

2. A combination of color images and text?
Silk Coated Paper

3. Very few images and a lot of text requiring easy reading?
Matte Coated Paper

4. Exact color accuracy and overall high quality image required?
High White Coated Paper.

5. Text and images on two sides of the paper?
High Opacity Paper

6. Not much content but want it to feel substantial?
High Bulk Coated Paper

7. High quantity of items being sent by mail?
High Bulk, Low Weight Paper

8. Complicated Construction?
Paper with Excellent Folding Characteristics

9. Long-lasting whiteness and quality?
Coated Wood-Free Paper

Pantone Colors

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The Psychology of Color

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Global Marketing Support Services
Since 1977
Adpress, Inc. ® 11 Colonial Club Dr. Unit 203, Boynton Beach, FL 33435
Adpress, Inc. delivers a variety of marketing support services including:
  • Strategic analytical services
  • Mailing list rentals
  • Graphic arts production
  • Logistics

Global clients use Adpress, Inc. to implement their marketing programs more effectively by:
  • Reducing their overhead expenses
  • Redeploying internal resources
  • Obtaining favorable costs for projects

With more than 500 production facilities in the US and internationally, Adpress, Inc. utilizes the most suitable and cost-efficient production capabilities for your marketing needs. Its expansive network provides you with everything from decals to building wraps as well as electronic media production, replication, distribution and broadcasting services.

Adpress, Inc. is a recognized mailing list broker with access to more than 60,000 lists. Selections among these lists are analyzed to identify potential for success. You will receive custom reports to analyze campaigns performances.

Use email broadcasts to increase sales, generate leads, increase opt-in files, build awareness, and promote causes. Broadcasting services includes email addresses acquisition, creative execution and results analysis.

Distribution management services include mail preparation, trailerload and LTL trucking, warehousing, order processing and fulfillment.

 Mailing Services are used to prepare mailing pieces to receive all available postage discounts. Mailing pieces physical characteristics and destinations are analyzed. Often private and Postal carriers are combined to reduce to postage expenses.