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Quote for the Day

"Farmers are among the most trusting people.  They take perfectly good seeds that could be eaten and stick them in the ground, not knowing whether there will be rain or drought or food or not.  They put forth their hard work without knowing the outcome."
Considerations for Selecting Paper

1. Lots of high color images and minimal text?
Gloss Coated Paper

2. A combination of color images and text?
Silk Coated Paper

3. Very few images and a lot of text requiring easy reading?
Matte Coated Paper

4. Exact color accuracy and overall high quality image required?
High White Coated Paper.

5. Text and images on two sides of the paper?
High Opacity Paper

6. Not much content but want it to feel substantial?
High Bulk Coated Paper

7. High quantity of items being sent by mail?
High Bulk, Low Weight Paper

8. Complicated Construction?
Paper with Excellent Folding Characteristics

9. Long-lasting whiteness and quality?
Coated Wood-Free Paper

Pantone Colors

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The Psychology of Color

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