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Quote for the Day

"Farmers are among the most trusting people. They take perfectly good seeds that could be eaten and stick them in the ground, not knowing whether there will be rain or drought or food or not.  They put forth their hard work without knowing the outcome."
Considerations for Selecting Paper

1. Lots of high color images and minimal text?
Gloss Coated Paper

2. A combination of color images and text?
Silk Coated Paper

3. Very few images and a lot of text requiring easy reading?
Matte Coated Paper

4. Exact color accuracy and overall high quality image required?
High White Coated Paper.

5. Text and images on two sides of the paper?
High Opacity Paper

6. Not much content but want it to feel substantial?
High Bulk Coated Paper

7. High quantity of items being sent by mail?
High Bulk, Low Weight Paper

8. Complicated Construction?
Paper with Excellent Folding Characteristics

9. Long-lasting whiteness and quality?
Coated Wood-Free Paper

Pantone Colors

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The Psychology of Color

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Adpress, Inc. Support​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADPRESS?
ADPRESS is a production management firm specializing in marketing materials and packaged products. ADPRESS provides assurance that quality, budget and schedule criteria are achieved or exceeded.

Clients use ADPRESS to enhance their management teams when critical needs demand expert production knowledge, precise time management and tight budget controls. Clients save staff overhead expenses while obtaining experienced management and lower costs.

Who are our clients?
ADPRESS has managed marketing materials production projects for hundreds of global marketers, including:

​•AT & T                                                  •Atkins Nutritionals
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia        •Elisabella Fine Foods
Federated Kaufmann Funds                   •Food For The Poor
Memorial Sloan Kettering                      •New York Life Insurance
Paramount Pictures – Star Wars             •Petplan Pet Health Insurance
State University of New York

What tasks does ADPRESS manage?
Management assignments completed by ADPRESS include:  

Budgeting                                               •Data processing
Distribution management                        •List brokerage
Negotiating purchase agreements            •Printing production management
Project specification writing                    •Quality assurance
Researching qualified vendors                  •Scheduling
  •Preparing requests for price quotations    •Website production management          

When does an assignment begin?
ADPRESS production work starts while a client and creative team have completed their creative process.

How are fees determined?
ADPRESS charges NO FEES for its services. Prices quoted by ADPRESS for assigned work are your only charge.  

How do we get started?
Describe your project to an ADPRESS representative. You will receive a
   confirming, "Scope of Work" document that clearly describes a project,
   followed by specifications for each production component.
Production and material sources will be researched and price quotations
   solicited. Budgets will be prepared to meet your requirements and
   submitted to you with production schedules.
Production will begin after your approval. Throughout this process, quality
   assurance procedures will provide you with proofs and samples to examine and approve.
ADPRESS will provide in-plant production supervision during printing,
   finishing, packing and shipping. You will receive samples and
   documentation confirming that finished products were delivered according
   to your schedule.
A final reconciliation and invoice completes your project.
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